About Us

I was born in a world of pool players, following my dad in bars, watching him play sometimes for fun and sometimes for money. I’ve learned that game very fast. It was like if I knew instinctively where to put the ball, where my cue ball was going and how fast she travel around the table. I became a good pool player, not a pro, but not either only a bar player.

               Many years later, my wife and I were playing pool together in our basement. She wasn’t that good but she had a nice potential to go further. So I tried to teach her the tangent line, where the cueball was ending, follows, stun shots and all the basics in billiard. You know how a couple works… didn’t end well!! My lovely wife kept telling me that she needed to SEE where the ball was going, that she was a VISUAL person and she couldn’t understand without WATCHING the results. So instead of arguing with her and ending our relationship, I had the idea to create a visual tool to guide her, something simple and not expensive. But, I wanted something super sharp and clear, something good enough for her… It didn’t go as planned!!

               I’m a genius with computers and I usually learn fast but I knew that it wouldn’t be a piece of cake. In order to succeed, I watched tons of videos to guide me on how to begin this project. I tried with an old projector we had at home. I had absolutely no idea how and where to start, so i projected it on my kitchen table at first… No need to say that my family was a bit exhausted after a week of not having a table where to eat. By the time, i tried with a better projector, another computer, another code… We talked about the project with friends, family and other players around us, they all seemed to like it. Everyone was giving their ideas that was leading to other ideas and helping us with problems we were facing like different lights, different environments, colors… I spent a lot of nights at my desk, couple of hours scratching my head thinking how would it comes to an end. Let’s be honest, I wanted to give up plenty of times for million different reasons… but she kept telling me to go on, that every failure was learning and it was only a matter of time… and money!!  Piece by piece I succeeded. And today, I am proud to present Right Control Pool Assistant.