What is our system ?

The 200 exercises we present in this section are divided into 9 modules. Each of the different modules offers a visual guide to the strength of the shot to be played, where to hit the cue ball and the trajectory it should take to arrive in the target projected on the pool table, and the point of impact in the ball to be pocketed. The exercises are essential to determine the speed of the shot, to improve your shots and specially to understand the trajectory of the balls.

The Drill section is different from the exercises section but very complementary. The drills put into practice the concepts learned in the exercises. They are agility and fluidity trainings to allow the player to deepen his learned techniques and to improve his game and his table reading in a game situation. We have classified all our drills into 5 levels of difficulty to ensure maximum improvement and efficiency.

The Random section is divided into 8 tabs that characterize the number of balls thrown on the pool table. Random 3 has 3 balls on the table (7, 8 and 9) in a totally random way, to recreate a possible situation in a 9-Ball match, of an opponent who would have pocketed the 6. You must therefore, ball in hand, empty the table by starting your shot on the 7. There are several alternatives for the player who decides to make the Random 3. You can make the three balls one way, then make them another way, or you can make all three balls in one pocket, also called a “one pocket”. Change the layout as many times as you like or increase the number of balls on the table by selecting Random4, up to Random 10. But be careful! You have to pocket the balls without pocketing, otherwise you put them back on the indicated places on the pool table and start again.

In the B-Golf section, you will have several 18-hole courses to play. Great for playing alone, but just as fun with opponents. You take turns playing the different courses, trying to complete the tables in as few shots as possible. In B-Golf, the place to put the white ball is displayed on the table and you must, as in 9-Ball, pocket the balls in numerical order.

In the Games section, some games like soccer or curling are featured. The two opponents take turns to get their respective balls into the other’s goal or into the target on the table. You have the option of hitting your balls directly or having the white ball hit to increase the difficulty level of the games, depending on the strength of the opponent you are playing against.

Beat the Pro
The Beat the Pro section is the section we affectionately call Stage Managers! The Mosconi, Vintage, Women and US Open tabs all feature game situations that actually happened to professional players that we have replicated in the software. You will be able to put yourself in the shoes of our great world players, through time and on different tables. You’ll have to clear the table, just as some of the pros have done before you, with an identical table. We assure you that it’s a lot harder than it looks, but the challenge is highly interesting.

Open Table
For the Open Table section, you have the possibility to make a custom table. You have at your disposal the white ball and the balls from 1 to 10, which you can slide on the table to practice some shots, to reproduce a match situation or even to create a game from scratch. You can even save shots that you want to work on later or to show to other players. A coach who wants to send a particular drill to one of his students, will have the possibility to import his unique drill or his personalized drill, in the Open Table section with any RCPA system, either at home or at the pool hall in your area that uses the system.

Online Stats
The online stats option is an easy way to keep track of your points and scores, and the RCPA application is another visual way, at your fingertips, to see your own progress or to challenge another player. When the target is reached, the color indicates the score, which you note in the application on your smartphone. After 10 attempts of the same exercise, the score is sent to your online profile on our website. It’s simple and effortless.